Make today a good day.


MemorySparx One is an easy-to-use tool that helps people with memory loss to get the most out of their day.  

It works on iPad to help you organize and recall personal photos, health information, and more.


A tool, not a toy

My Day screen
My Life screen
My Health screen

Add content with ease

Add and update content yourself using intuitive templates designed with the unique needs of people with dementia in mind.


Find information on the go

Access information that's important to you whenever and wherever you need it - at a doctors office, social engagement, or professional event.

Keep track of what matters

Store personal details, captioned photos, audio recordings, tasks, activities, and personal health information in one easy-to-access tool.


Speak for yourself

Keep track of your health history, medications, changes to your mood or behavior so you can speak for yourself at appointments with care professionals. 


How do I start?


Create your free trial account.  No credit card required.


Download the free app on your iPad.


Sign in and complete the simple, guided setup.


If you like using MemorySparx One and want to continue after the 30-day free trial ends, choose from one of our reasonably priced membership plans.


Why choose MemorySparx?

MemorySparx One is the first in a suite of products designed with care by Emmetros to support people with dementia and their care partners.  Our product designers are passionate about understanding the needs of people and seeing those needs reflected in clear, elegant, and delightful products.  To date, we've spent over 1000 hours with people with dementia and their care partners as we've developed MemorySparx One. 

We'd love to spend even more time getting to know people with dementia.  If you're interested in helping us to test MemorySparx products, please use the button below to get in touch with us.

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What people say about MemorySparx One

I could just take it in and hand it to the doctor rather than trying to remember all the stuff I need to remember. It would all be there.
— MemorySparx User
It’s so profound for me to be understood... You are opening a door that we did not even realize was available.
— Susan, MemorySparx User
It’s easy and it’s simple. Even as I progress I think it would still be easy for me.
— MemorySparx User
What’s nice is to have it all together in one place. It’s certainly something that even if I couldn’t fill it in myself, somebody could help me fill it out.
— MemorySparx User