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The MemorySparx Suite of products is built on the foundation of our patient-first approach. We have spent more than 1500 hours working with users and potential users to create easy-to-use solutions that improve efficiencies across all care teams. 

How can MemorySparx Pro help?

Improve operational efficiencies through more streamlined sharing of information. Patients drive communication options, staff can remind all or a subset of patients about upcoming appointments, residence events and general reminders. These reminders can help patients be ready when staff arrive at their rooms to pick them up, saving up to 15 minutes per patient.

Strengthen communication between patients’ families and their care teams without additional resources with this one easy-to-use tool that seamlessly shares information proactively. Families can see details from the latest appointments, facility events, and daily activities, minimizing the need for ad hoc meetings with family members to provide updates. Care teams can include notes, appointment updates and treatment plans directly in the same tool quickly and accurately, minimizing misunderstandings when sharing with family members.

Improve staff retention by eliminating causes of frustration and worker fatigue. Care teams and staff can quickly see health history, medication lists, and personal preferences allowing them to focus on the patient’s care vs. their history. Getting to know each and every patient takes time, and having the background questions answered, staff can focus on the enjoyable part of a patient-centered approach.

Provide a cost-effective, full-service solution that’s easy for all employees and families to use. With tight budgets and limited resources, technology needs to support the team without adding a layer of difficulty. On-boarding is seamless so that staff, patients and their families can easily access and share information.


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