I already purchased MemorySparx in App Store, how do I upgrade to MemorySparx 1.5?

If you purchased MemorySparx One from the App Store before December 11, 2017, you are eligible for a free MemorySparx One membership.  To claim your free membership, simply update your app in the App Store and create an account.  You will not need to pay for your membership.

Update the app in App Store

  1. On your iPad, click App Store.

  2. Click Updates.

  3. Click Update beside MemorySparx One in the list.

Create an account and sign in

  1. Open the MemorySparx One app.  If the latest version is installed, a screen will appear saying "We've upgraded MemorySparx...".

Tip:  If you do not see the "We've upgraded MemorySparx..." screen try fully closing and re-opening the app.  This video explains how to fully close an app.  
  1. Click Create an account.  

  2. Type the following information:

    • Name - the first and last name you'd like us to use to refer to you.

    • Email - the email address you'll use for sign in.

    • Password - the password you'll use for sign in.  The password must contain at least six characters, including one number, one letter, and one of the following special characters:  !@#%^$*

  3. Review the updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy; if acceptable check the box.

  4. If you'd like to receive email updates from MemorySparx, check the box.

  5. Click Sign up. 

  6. The next screen should say, "You're all set!". On the top left corner of this screen, click Back.

  7. Sign in to the MemorySparx app using the email address and password you just created. The content from your app will be copied to the new version of the app and to our secure servers.  It may take a few moments.  After this completes you can use the app.

If you don't see the content that you had previously added to the app, please contact us at support@emmetros.com.  We're here to help. 

Upgrade message in app

Upgrade message in app

Create an account screen

Create an account screen

Adding your content to our secure servers

Adding your content to our secure servers

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