What is MemorySparx One?

MemorySparx One is an easy-to-use tool that helps people living with memory loss to get the most out of their day.  It works on iPad to help you organize and recall important details about your day, your life, and your health.

What you can do with MemorySparx One:

  • Plan your day using a simple agenda.  Use it to reduce anxiety about what's coming next.  

  • Add information about your care team and keep track of the things you talk about at medical appointments.  

  • Prepare for social visits by reviewing your personalized list of names and faces.  

  • Capture moments that bring you joy.  Recall them when you need something to make you smile.  

  • Create custom albums to organize your captioned photos and audio recordings.

  • Rest assured that your precious content is backed up on our secure servers.

  • Sign in and access your content from the MemorySparx One app on more than one device.

Get the most out of your day from sunrise to lights out, with MemorySparx One.

MemorySparx One is tested by individuals living with memory loss caused by dementia.  It is designed with care to meet their unique needs.  The MemorySparx One application is currently available in the USA and Canada in English only.