What is MemorySparx One?

As glasses help people with a visual impairment to see, memory aids can help individuals with memory loss to remember. MemorySparx One is a portable, digital memory aid for people living with Alzheimer's disease or other dementia. It works on an iPad to help you organize and recall personal photos, names, facts, daily tasks, health information, and more. 

What you can do with MemorySparx:

  • Add and update content yourself using intuitive templates designed with the unique needs of people with dementia in mind.
  • Store personal details, captioned photos, audio recordings, daily tasks, and personal health information all in one easy-to-access tool.
  • Access information that's important to you whenever and wherever you need it - at a doctor's office, a social engagement, or a professional event.
  • Keep track of your health history, medications, and changes to your mood or behavior so you can speak for yourself at appointments with care professionals.

MemorySparx One is tested by people living with dementia and is carefully designed to meet your unique needs. The MemorySparx One application is currently available in English only.  

Tanya McPherson