Winning at those New Year's Resolutions

The New Year has begun, and with it comes a feeling of vitality as we all look forward to a bright and happy 2018.


People tend to make resolutions related to their personal wellness, be it physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, or social. Finding ways to support one's wellness can be a challenge, because there is a wealth of choice and it can be difficult to get started.  

We are here to help. After extensive research, we've identified some of the most helpful apps that support personal wellness, and would like to recommend some.

Physical Wellness is supported by eating properly, exercising, and consulting with health care professionals. There is a wealth of apps out there for physical wellness but here are some of our favorites:

Simply called Seven, this app uses easy instructions and animation to lead you through a 7-minute workout that requires only a wall, a chair, and you! If you use a treadmill or stationary bike, the BitGym Cardio Video Tours app will have you touring the world’s natural and urban environments by showing high-def immersive tours on screen.

Our own MemorySparx app supports physical wellness by providing a simple visual space to keep track of health history, medications, changes to mood or behavior so that you can speak for yourself at appointments with care professionals. Feeling independent and able to advocate for yourself is a very powerful gift.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness is fostered by focusing on the positive aspects of a situation, maintaining routines, staying socially active, and talking about our feelings. Apps to support emotional wellness can also help on the social and spiritual side.

The SAM app was developed by a university in England as a self-help tool to reduce anxiety. You monitor your anxiety levels then participate in games and multimedia activities to reduce anxiety, in the moment. We love that this app was informed by clinical evidence and a user-centered design process.

With MemorySparx you can store personal details, captioned photos, audio recordings, tasks and activities. Having a simple plan can reduce anxiety about what’s coming next in your day. A lovely picture or affirmation can lift your mood, and you can reflect back on happy memories from previous days.

Intellectual Wellness

Intellectual Wellness is fostered by mentally stimulating activities like taking courses, listening to music, attending cultural events, reading, and completing puzzles. These sorts of pursuits are not only fun but are also proven to lower levels of cognitive decline in older adults.

Known as the “definitive app for puzzles”, try Crosswords Classic for one of the most beloved ways to challenge our brains. Netflix has an ever-growing library of documentaries, critically-acclaimed films, and classic programming. The Music Tutor app provides an accessible avenue to sight reading sheet music, for those who always wanted to learn!

Social Wellness

Social Wellness is determined by the relationships we create with other people. Individuals with meaningful social connections are healthier, happier, and live longer.

There are so many free apps out there to help build and maintain social connections. Aside from the obvious Facebook, Zoom is a fantastic tool for video chats when geography separates us from our loved ones. It’s easy to set up and free to use for conversations under an hour.

We are very passionate about the value of social connections, so we designed MemorySparx to be a tool that people can have easy access to on their iPads wherever they go – family gatherings, lunch with friends, a medical appointment. Armed with key details about themselves, the places they’ve lived and worked, and the people that they love, people can feel comfortable and independent when they are having these vital interactions (especially over the holidays, when these situations can be overstimulating and exhausting).

The combination of photos, text, and audio is a powerful tool for memory recall. If you or a loved one is experiencing memory loss for any reason, we like to say that MemorySparx is helpful for remembering the way glasses are for seeing. Take care, be well, and happy New Year.

We’d love to hear your recommendations for apps to promote wellness at

Emmetros Webmaster