Introducing MemorySparx One: A mobile memory aid developed and designed with people living with dementia

People living with mild to moderate memory loss caused by dementia have been under-served by technology developers – until now 

In the absence of specially designed tools, people with dementia who are active technology users have turned to a variety of digital productivity aids, communication assistance tools, and reminiscence focused apps to help them maintain independence Although these are useful, they aren’t designed with the specific needs of people living with dementia in mind.  

Introducing MemorySparx One 

Available today, MemorySparx One is an all-in-one solution that elegantly offers users a way to communicate with confidence and manage their day to day needs, whether they are at day programs, doctor’s appointments, or even when they’re out for dinner with friends.   

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The MemorySparx One app leverages decades of research on the value of paper-based memory aids, expertise in accessible digital design, and over a thousand hours of experience working with and learning about the needs of people living with dementia and their care-partners.    

Like glasses help people with vision impairments to see, MemorySparx One helps people with memory impairments to quickly and easily recall information that is important –  when they need it  

MemorySparx One allows users to: 

  • Add and update content using intuitive templates designed with the unique needs of people with dementia in mind 

  • Store personal details, captioned photos, audio recordings, and personal health information in one easy-to-access tool 

  • Access information that's important whenever and wherever it’s needed - at a doctor's office, a social engagement, or a professional event 

  • Keep track of personal health history, medications, and changes to mood or behavior so you can speak for yourself at appointments with care professionals 

Get MemorySparx One

MemorySparx One is available for iPad on iTunes.  To learn more about MemorySparx One, visit