Referral Program

As a valued MemorySparx partner, we would like to offer MemorySparx One to your clients as part of our exclusive Referral Program.

Anyone that you refer will receive a 20% discount off an annual subscription, and you will find that MemorySparx One is a great fit for your brand.


Your referral code: MSPX

Please have your clients visit to receive their 20% discount. 


How the program works

For your organization:

  1. The MemorySparx team will provide education about the referral program and the MemorySparx One product to members of the organization who are most likely to make product and service referrals to clients.  

  2. We provide your team with materials (links, pdfs, talking points, emails) to educate you about who we are and why your clients should use MemorySparx One. 

  3. If requested, we can provide your team with a product demo by way of webinar, video conference call or telephone conference call.  

  4. We provide you with ongoing support through digital materials, emails or phone calls.  We recommend a scheduled bi-yearly check in call to highlight new product features, new support materials. We are also available to address questions at any time through 

For your clients:

  1. Client is identified by your organization as someone who may benefit from a purpose built tool to help them live with memory loss.   

  2. You send a Welcome to MemorySparx One email that provides details about the product, the discount, subscription and support.  

  3. We walk them through account registration, application download, product on-boarding and provide ongoing support with helpful tips for product usage to handling any questions they may have.